How to Order

Placing Orders

Please place orders at: [email protected]. Assist us to ensure you receive your order as requested. Please include the following information:

  • company name
  • order number
  • delivery address
  • product details
  • contact person
  • request by date


To avoid costly urgent deliveries LTI recommends customers have at least 7 days stock on hand at all times.

For assistance with ordering contact our LTI office. Write to PO Box 1260 Parramatta NSW 2124 Australia or email [email protected]

Other enquiries

Contact us for more information on our innovative products:
Phone: 02 9684 6630
Fax: 02 9638 6321
International: +61 2 9684 6630
International Fax: +61 2 9638 6321
General enquiries: [email protected]
Sales enquiries: [email protected]